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Moved to Nava Del Rey

The cornerstone of the project, a firm commitment to the Castilian Meseta and its terroir.

Release of the first vintage of BELONDRADE Y LURTON

A dream come true. The first vintage of BELONDRADE Y LURTON is finally released and finds a place on some of the greatest Spanish tables. Thanks to the great reception from both critics and customers, the echo of BELONDRADE resonates on the other side of the globe. First contact with the Japanese and American markets.

Planting the plots of Tomillar Grande, Tomillar Pequeño, Camino Ventosa and La Bodega

You could call BELONDRADE "a Bordeaux chateau in Spain". To make this possible, it was essential to lay the foundations for the project by having its own vineyards.

Opening of the winery in La Seca and first vintage of Belondrade Quinta Clarisa

A building reminiscent of the Castilian Meseta, long and elegant, that blends into its surrounding. Vicent Defos du Rau designed the building that would be home to the future of BELONDRADE. A future that came in the form of a new wine: BELONDRADE QUINTA CLARISA.

First vintage of Belondrade Quinta Apolonia

Balance and harmony are a constant in the BELONDRADE wines, and to complete the project: BELONDRADE QUINTA APOLONIA.

First steps towards spontaneous fermentation

BELONDRADE has always been concerned about increasing the diversity of the vineyards. Spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeasts was then a logical next step in BELONDRADE's identity.

First wine with 100% spontaneous fermentation

The winery's commitment to diversity and authenticity took shape in a new step forward, making its first wine using only spontaneous fermentation.

First “Art and Wine” encounter

What started off as a summer evening among friends and loved-ones has gained traction over the years, becoming a solid, lasting project.

A purer and more authentic expression

BELONDRADE has defended and practiced sustainable viticulture from the very beginning to preserve the biodiversity of the terroir. In 2010, a step further is taken with the obtention of the organic certification.

Inauguration of the Barrel Cellar

A brand-new, totally neutral environment, a blank canvas on which to draw and dream up our wines.

Creation of the Belondrade "Arte y Vino" Foundation

The Belondrade "Arte y Vino" Foundation is a response to Didier Belondrade's aim:


Sharing the worlds of art and wine with society.


Acquisition of the plots "La Alameda" and "La Cruz"

The obsession with diversity and character led to the selection and acquisition of these two plots of old vines located in one of the best areas of the region.