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Dreamt up and created on the initiative of Didier Belondrade in 2015, the “BELONDRADE Art and Wine” Foundation is a non-profit institution which seeks to disseminate art and culture through patronage. It was founded in order to highlight and promote all the forms of “interpretation” existing in art with the intention of bringing art to society.

As its name suggests, the “BELONDRADE Art and Wine” Foundation is a response to a constant desire of Didier Belondrade: sharing the worlds of art and wine with society.

The assistance of a prominent panel of professionals allows a high-quality cultural programme to developed with varied contents full of nuances.


"BELONDRADE Y LURTON is the interpretation of a "terroir".

The "assemblage" process is similar to a painter before his canvas,

or a musician reading and interpreting a score.

The interpretation is what brings value to a work, or even reveals it.”

- Didier Belondrade -


The Foundation’s “Music and Wine” gatherings

The Foundation acts in many different spheres; however, music occupies a prime place in both the organisation and its history. In fact, it was one of the cornerstones in the process of creating the Foundation. What began in 2007 as a small concert among friends in the winery ended up over the years becoming a structure with its own voice and a clear mission to create and share.


Exhibitions, a space of exchange. 

From the very start, the Foundation has acquired and assembled dozens of works, with a clear national bent, always ensuring that all artistic practices are represented, from painting and sculpture to photography.

Nico Munuera, Carlos Leon, Jean Marie del Moral and Rafael Canogar are just some of the names in our collection, which has always sought to defend the cultural and artistic richness of the Spanish scene and showcase the vast diversity of contemporary art in this country.

To fulfil its mission of disseminating culture, the works in the collection travel and are lent out to museums and organisations for temporary exhibitions.

  Exposición Belondrade

Initiatives on behalf of youth and talent:

In 2016, reinforcing his social commitment to youths and his passion for creation and interpretation, Didier Belondrade embarked upon a new pathway with the Foundation: patronage. The purchase of a violin from the Spanish luthier José María Lozano was the first major step in this direction. Every year, the Foundation will lend this instrument to a promising young musician to contribute to the development and expression of all their creative talent.


The Foundation promotes and is governed by the following principles: independence, honesty, integrity, equality and transparency.

Through the “BELONDRADE Art and Wine” Foundation, BELONDRADE transmits the image of a company that is sensitive to artistic creation and the dissemination of culture.


Major steps:

  • 2007
  • 2010
  • 2015
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