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Cookies are tiny files that some websites install on your computer. Cookies improve the experience of using and browsing a website and are essential to the functioning of Internet, with countless benefits in providing interactive services.

Cookies are used, for example, to manage a user’s session (so they don’t have to keep entering their password) and to fit the contents of a website to the user’s preferences. There are different types of cookies: ‘session’ cookies, which are deleted once the user leaves the website that generated them; and ‘persistent’ cookies, which remain on the computer until a specified date.

“Use of Cookies on” has been created from an external technical audit and, therefore, may be subject to periodic changes. Its purpose is to help you understand how the website uses cookies, the purpose of the cookies used and the options users have for managing them.

Browsing this website with the cookies settings activated on your browser is considered consent to the cookies technology used by


1. Internal cookies uses internal cookies that are essential to the workings of the website. These include, for example, those that authenticate or keep open the session of a registered user while browsing the site. Blocking cookies may affect the proper functioning of some or all of the functions of this website.


2. Analytical cookies uses analytical cookies to compile statistics on the user’s activity on the website and in general. The information collected is anonymous and helps us optimise the browsing experience on our site and ensure users get the best service possible. Users may exclude their activity using the exclusion systems provided by the analytical tools.


3. Third-party cookies to manage ad space

These are cookies used by the third parties that manage the advertising spaces users see on These cookies measure the effectiveness of our online campaigns, provide users with information of interest to them and offer advertising content based on their preferences. As per their own policies, some advertising managers may use anonymous cookies to show ads of your interest when you visit other websites. Nevertheless, users may choose to accept or block these cookies by changing their browser settings.


4. Guarantees and options regarding cookies

When installing or updating their browser, users can accept or block cookies, or block certain types of cookies, including third-party and advertising cookies. Plus, after each session, users may remove all or some of the cookies stored.

Likewise, users may enable:

  • private browsing, so the browser doesn’t save the browsing history, website passwords, cookies or other information from the pages you visit, or
  • the do not track function, which has the browser tell websites visited not to track the user’s browsing habits to, for example, show advertising of interest to them on the sites visited.

We recommend you read the browser help section for more information on the various options for managing cookies. Remember, blocking cookies may affect some or all of the functions of this website.


5. List and description of cookies on

Internal cookies for the domain

Cookie name Purpose
limiteEdad Internal use cookie, related to the welcome message, to control that the user is an adult and has a duration of one year.



Cookies of internal use, related to the preferences of cookies, which control the options selected by the user and which remain until the preferences are modified.

Analytical cookies

Cookie name Purpose





Cookies generated by domain with Google Analytics.

Purpose: Generates a unique user ID to count how many times the user visits the site, calculate the end of the session, note the origin of the user and segment by demographic data like the visitor’s age based on registration data.


Third-party cookies

  • Third-party cookies to manage ad space

Third-party cookies to manage advertising campaigns may vary depending on the campaign under way. Users may manage these cookies at any time, as per the provisions of the Guarantees and options regarding cookies

  • Cookies used by social media
Cookie name Purpose




Persistent cookies needed to share content on social networks (AddThis).
_dc_gtm_ Cookie used by Google to add the Google Analytics tracking code and that expires after 10 minutes (Google Tag Manager).
_ga Cookie that uses an identifier to distinguish anonymous users, analyzes users’ interactions to optimize the services they offer and has a duration of two years (Google Analytics).
_gid Cookie used to distinguish users and has a duration of 24 hours (Google Analytics).
_wcml_dashboard_currency Cookie used to determine the currency and expires when the browser is closed (WooCommerce).


Cookies that store information about the customer’s shopping cart and its articles, and that expire at the end of the session (WooCommerce).
wp_woocommerce_session_ Cookie that keeps a unique code for each customer to obtain the information of the shopping cart and that expires at the end of the session (WooCommerce).