I have always liked olive oil, but since my settlement in Spain, I understood that olive oil is part of our culture. My interest in this product has led me to increase my knowledge, discovering diversity in both varieties and their geographic locations.

I have found many similarities with the vineyard and wine, in it's culture, collection and elaboration.  I have also met passionate people about the conception of this wonderful product and it has definitely convinced me of the similarities between a passionate winemaker and, a not least, passionate 'almazarero'.  An extreme vigilance in both olive trees growing and oil processing in the mill, much like the care given in BELONDRADE. Thus was born the idea of a collaboration with Francesc Teixidó, heir to the fourth generation of 'almazareros' in Seròs (Lleida), at the foothills of the Pyrenees.

The Arbequina variety, from the village of Arbeca (Lleida province), it is the perfect fit of a variety to its homeland as the Verdejo grape is to Rueda.  Just like BELONDRADE does with its grapes, TEIXIDÓ collects the olives from his plots planted in a continental area and driven enviromental-friendly. As in BELONDRADE, the ripeness controls are made in order to define the optimal date of harvest. The fruits are transported from the field to the 'almazara' in small crates to protect them from oxidation. During the elaboration, the temperature is controlled to have a cold extraction, guarantor of the perfect development of all the Arbequina's aromas.

The bottles containing this oil 'COQ SELECCIÓN BELONDRADE ' are chosen both for its volume of 250ml and 500ml, who favours a rapid consumption once opened, and its dark color, to preserve their organoleptic qualities from oxidation. Hoping you will enjoy it with the same pleasure that I experienced sharing this selection with my team and that I now offer to your wise choice.


Didier Belondrade


©  Legal warning 2012 - Photos: Juan Manuel Sanz, César Prados and Álvaro Fernández Prieto.                 Síguenos: